• Beyond EHR
    A flexible IT solution for dynamic healthcare landscape
    for hospitals, diagnostic centers and clinics
  • Automation redefined
    Minimal human handling of medical records;
    seamless man - machine interfacing;
    intelligently designed data flows
  • Actionable insights
    Business analytics for managing operations
    and decision making on the go

MediCubes is a web based software for medical diagnostic centers, hospitals and clinics which works equally well on mobile or desktop. Medicubes is not just about EHR, it is an all-in-one solution that can integrate multiple functions at scattered geographic locations.

Suitable for small practice to large health care facilities, it is designed to be patient centric so that customers of our clients enjoy seamless experience. MediCubes offers features like business analytics and management dashboards. MediCubes team thrives at providing healthcare solutions that are dependable, reliable, secure, and robust.

Premium Features

MediCubes is an Affordable, reliable, flexible and agile solution.

  • Web based operations with a standards-based scalable architecture support multiple platforms.
  • Excellent customer care through efficient front desk operation, SMS notifications and online reporting.
  • 10 years of seamless and error free operational record.

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